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The following stations are open for you


The first station is the Meat Boutique
The main theme is delicious dishes of beef and also poultry. Seasonally, game, lamb or dairy pork is prepared. More Infos – Meat Boutique.

In the middle - Pasta! Basta! - Veggie Kitchen
This station offers wholesome vegetarian and vegan dishes. Pasta in all forms are a big hit here. More information - Pasta! bastas 

Energy Soups & Salads 
To the right, the yellow station with steaming soup pots and a large display of salads and fresh raw vegetables. Expect invigorating, soothing dishes that give you lots energy right on the mark. How? It's grandma’s recipe, the chicken soup reinterpreted. Dumplings: the 'concentrated feed' of the Lumberjacks. Salad and raw food dishes with toppings. More Infos – Energy Soups & Salads


meat boutique und pasta basta

Pasta! Basta! Soups and Salads

In the front, you'll find a large Beer Saloon with beer specialities, organic lemonades and fruit juices, spritzers and long drinks. Steffi, Mile and Christian serve you in the Beer Saloon. More Infos - Beer Saloon

In the middle of the Food Hall, you will find the large, two-part coffee and wine station - Café Latini. Your host at Café Latini is Brigitte Latini. At the wine & spirits station, Wolfgang Müller and his family take care of you.

In the coffee shop, on the left side of the large station, all hot beverages are offered: coffee, tea, mulled wine, cocoa, a selection of pastries, soft ice cream, frozen yoghurt and hot sausages. On the right side, there is a well-stocked wine bar with by the glass serving, bottled wines and local schnaps. More Infos - Café Latini.

To the right, you find the green and red market booth from Bio aus dem Tal. Be sure to try the Lumberjack Tapas at Sieglinde's - small, delicate delicacies from all our stations. More info - Bio aus dem Tal.

Beer Saloon

Cafe Latini

Marktstand Bio aus dem Tal

Schmarr*n anders
is located besides the seating-atrium. The darkgreen colored, remodeled horse trailer is the sweet Schmarrn Station. Look forward to THE classic of the famous austrian cooked dessert cuisine in perfection - portion by portion freshly from the pan. More infos about Schmarr*n anders

Schmarrn anders

Dopo Pizza

My Tracy

Dopo Pizza
is located on the side of the seating-atrium. Dopo Pizza offers pizza slices, Roman street pizza style. The dream team turns their personal passion for pizza into a profession. After tasting in insider circles, it is considered as the best street pizza north of the Alps. What's previously been reserved for friends and family can now also be enjoyed by our LUMBERJACK guests. More Infos - Dopo Pizza.

At the entrance you find the brown Ape, a small Italian vehicle with 3 wheels, that offers the wonderful pasta dishes from Lupos Pasta on the converted loading area. On selected weekends is offered a colorful selection of Rotoli di Pasta - Italian pasta rolls with different fillings to make real delicacies. More information - Lupos Pasta.

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