Family style dining

Enjoy your Food in Family style

Try the delcacies of the individual providers, degust your way from station to station. That is what defines the special nature and offerings of a food hall. Of course, it’s even more fun with your family or a group of friends. Eating together makes you happy, tastes better and is sustainable.

Our intention at the LUMBERJACK is to revitalize our guest's sense for the good old family meal, the social meal for small groups of friends - in a contemporary way and with the highest possible quality. 

High culinary standards and sustainable food is not a contradicition: Everyone takes his proper amount from the large pot or the colourful pan. If there is some ingredient, you don't like, don't eat it. Someone else in your group might love it. Main pont is that everything gets eaten.

If the meal was too much for you, please feel free to pack it and take it with you. It is also part of our concept and brings us closer to the goal of "Zero Waste" at the LUMBERJACK.


Different portion sizes for food and drinks

All food and drinks are available in small, medium and large. Beer is available also in XLarge (2 litre bottle).

Standard is one portion, one dish or one glass for one person.
Medium is twice the size and calculated with a factor of 1.8.
Large is the family portion, 4 times the size and discounted for the family and calculated with a factor of 3.5.

Eating together is not only more fun, but it also helps to save money and it is helpful for the family budget.


portion sizes

Burger Sizes

Teigtaschen Sites

Gulaschsuppe Sizes


Take a seat at one of the large tables, then start exploring the Food Hall one by one. Let’s assume you are six people and everyone takes on a role,  organizing drinks and food for everyone: 

  • The first one of you will take care about drinks, get an XL bottle of Steinbier and a bottle of apple juice.
  • For your first sip of beer, treat yourself with a snack board with spreads, chosen and served by the second person. 
  • The third one gets dumpling potpourris in size M with 8 dumplings - you are a group of 6 and you share it as a starter.  
  • After a short discussion, the fourth person is next, you have decided on Nelson Müller’s hut dish from Meat Boutique, split a portion from the L-Reindl into six. Because you still wanna leave some space for dessert.  
  • That’s the responsibility of the fifth one of your group. He/She is spoilt for choice, however choosing is made easy: At the colourful LUMBERJACK cake and ice cream potpourri there's something delicious for everyone. 
  • The job for the sixth person is clear: The second round of drinks is due, last but not least he/she serves some coffee - a small espresso, a caffe latte or a cappuccino? 

Lots of fun guaranteed at the LUMBERJACK. Another time you can dive deeper and more individual into the culinary and sustainable world of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans at the LUMBERJACK. 

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