Celebrating responsibly at Lumberjack

The utmost appreciation for your guests

Bio-Bergrestaurant LUMBERJACK is an outstanding venue for a special private celebration and a perfect location for a company event with valued colleagues. The cozy, modern ambiance, panoramic views of the impressive Tauern mountain range, and spacious, light-filled rooms and terraces provide an incomparably beautiful architectural setting.


Good Food for Good People

Highest organic standards for all food and beverages - sourced regionally and seasonally, purchased fair and directly from organic farmers and small organic manufacturers, and freshly prepared. The high quality of the products and the meticulous preparation make the feast menu at LUMBERJACK a culinary extravaganza. In doing so, the host and organizer demonstrate the utmost appreciation for their guests.

In a sunny secluded location on the mountain

The organic mountain restaurant LUMBERJACK is located in Kleinarl at a medium altitude. In winter, it is directly on the ski slope. In summer, it is surrounded by blooming, walkable utility gardens, at the intersection of popular hiking and biking trails.


Demonstrated lived sustainability and accordingly awarded

The Bio-Bergrestaurant Lumberjack is a certified establishment and has achieved the highest number of stars at Green Destinations. In 2021, it was awarded as an EU flagship project for sustainability and resilience in tourism. At Lumberjack, only organic-quality food and beverages are offered, sourced as locally as possible. Lumberjack is a Gold Partner of Bio Austria.

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