EXCELLENT full-body WINE, fine schnapps and fruity juices

These drinks are products of the same soil and of the same fruit. Wine, grape juice and pomace schnapps go back to the ripe grape. Same as apple juice and apple brandy are products of a crunchy, round apples. It is obvious that we can obtain wine, schnapps and fruit juice from one and the same organic farmer. We have chosen Anita and Wolfgang Müllner's organic vineyard. Their wide range, the consistently good quality and the fair price convinced us. The Müllners supply us exclusively and provide our team with expert support on-site.

organic vineyard Müllner

The organic vineyard of Anita and Wolfgang Müllner

is located in northern Lower Austria, in the beautiful Dürnleis. The Müllner family has been managing their vineyard and agriculture in accordance with organic farming standards since 2007. It's Wolfgang's top priority to maintain the ecological balance: “Only healthy soil can produce healthy fruits and plants. And as a result, valuable and good wine and healthy foods can only be made from wholesome ingredients."

The Müllners offer a great selection of wine - there is a choice of eight different types of white wine and four types of red wine. The most important grape varieties are the Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Chardonnay, Gelber Muskateller, Zweigelt, Blauburger and Merlot. The Müllners also offers frizzante, schnapps, fruit juices and home-made specialities - many of them are offered at the LUMBERJACK.

Anita und Wolfgang Müllner



Numerous awards every year confirm the work and the quality of the Müllner family. Most recently, they received four international golds for their 2019 white wines.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Müllner family - austrianwine.at/ueber-uns/

In the Café Latini, you can find out which wine and schnapps from the Müller family are serves at the LUMBERJACK. At the large bar, the Beer Saloon you will be indulged with organic fruit juices from the Müllner vineyard. With great pleasure, Chrisi and Steffi serve you Frizzantes and their tasty white draft wine for various sprizzes and varied long drinks - and they like to drink it themselves as well.

Weingut Müllner

Schild Weingut Müllner

Weingut Müllner Keller

The spirits from the MÜLLNERS - local and award-winning 

Alpini: The VERMOUTH OF Christine Höller from the Kleinarl valley.

Local wild herbs steeped in Styrian corn schnapps.

Christine's products from wild harvesting in the forest are processed with organic products for the LUMBERJACK. Spruce top syrup, spruce top salt,….

To wild harvesting



Wodak, gin, rum and blueberry liqueur are supplied by the award-winning organic distillery Doris and Josef Farthofer - destillerie-farthofer.at

"Capturing the aroma from high-quality fruit and creating fine products from it," that is the challenge for Josef Farthofer.

Alpini hausgemacht von Christine Höller

Produkte von Christine Höller

Schnäpse, Obst, Weingut Müllner


from the vineyard family Wolfgang & Anita Müllner.

Like the lemonades in S, M and L

• Apple juice

• White grape juice

• Red grape juice


comes from the juice selection of Andreas Schäfer. Raspberry, sweetened and thickened with concentrated apple juice. A purely natural product without additives or preservatives - www.bioschaefer.at

Served with soda or drinking water in the following formats:

• S in a 0.25 lt. glass mug

• M in a 0.50 lt. glass mug

• L in 1 lt. in the green glass bottle



by the Wagrain organic farmer Waltraud Kaml Großwidmoos and by Anita Müllner from the organic vineyard under the same name.

Served with soda or drinking water in the following formats:

• S in a 0.25 lt. glass mug

• M in a 0.50 lt. glass mug

• L in 1 lt. In the green glass bottle

Waltraud's mint syrup and Anita's lemon balm syrup round off the fruit juice selection at the Lumberjack.

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