Organic retailers for gastronomy 

Bio-Gast is the complementary supplier for the LUMBERJACK. We have made it our business to buy as local as possible from organic farmers and small organic producers, as regionally and as close as possible. At the LUMBERJACK, we have already implemented a lot of these aspects from the start for the first season. We will work on further expanding this procurement strategy, making it our priority. These small, direct organic suppliers were carefully selected and they are binding recommendations for all partners at the LUMBERJACK.

directly or with Bio-GAST

Complementary at LUMBERJACK means that everything that we - and all of our partners - do not buy directly, we purchase from Bio-Gast. We also consider this to be the most sustainable approach in terms of logistics. Some of our partners have experience in organic gastronomy and there was a clear recommendation and preference from their side for Bio-Gast.


full organic Power

Many years of experience, teir wide product range, the clear traceability and the origin of the products speak for Bio-Gast. As an organic wholesaler, Horst Moser and his team have been supplying gastronomy and commercial kitchens with organic food since 1999. The demand for organic products is growing steadily. Bio-Gast offers a full range of 14.000 products for the organic gastronomy - food and non-food.


Bio Austria product range

Bio-Gast focuses on the collaboration with Bio Austria. Together they have set their goal to expand Bio Austria products in the Bio-Gast range of goods. A large number of Bio Austria products are already available and it is constantly growing.

Demeter-Quality and Fairtrade

In Demeter quality, the highest organic standard, over 1.000 items can be found in the Bio-Gast range. The Fairtrade quality seal labels products from sustainable production and with fair conditions for manufacturers. This label is especially important for imported goods such as spices, citrus fruits, coffee, tea and cocoa.

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