PRODUcts from rural ARTISANAL agriculture

In clear distinction from industrial agriculture. Local organic farmers and small organic producers from the region supply the LUMBERJACk with their high-quality products. 

Organic quality from the Wagrain-Kleinarl valley is strictly and deliberately preferred. Meat comes from the region, like milk and dairy products, eggs and pasta products, tea herbs and some culinary herbs does. Bread and pastries are from the organic baker Florian Steinbauer from Wagrain. At purchase of goods, we make sure that they are available regionally in the valley, in Bio-Austria quality. 

Meat comes from the region, directly from small organic farms with stress-free farm slaughter - without transport of live animals.

regionality and its areas

If this is not possible, the regionality is diveded as follows and if organic products from the innermost circle are not available, the radius is extended to the next larger region - to the locations of the Salzburger Sportwelt. If the products are also not available there, the radius will be extended to the next larger circle - to the Salzburger region and then to Austria. It is followed by the European neighbors, the neighboring Bavaria and Italy. And at some point of course the whole world, esxpecially when it comes to the acquisition of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices. 


transparency and clear traceability

The origin of all food is a major concern for all partner at the LUMBERJACK and a mandatory requirement. Organic food that doesn’t come from Austria because it is not produced / not grown in Austria, it doesn’t exist in the desired quality or quantity for the catering trade and we do not want to do without or cannot do without it are listed below. 

LIST of JOKERs – as of 5/2022

  • Coffee, tea (black and green tea), cocoa - the the coffee station for hot drinks and cocoa also for the soft ice cream 
  • Spices & herbs from all over the world: Pepper of all kinds, allspice, nutmeg, caraway, curry,… for all food stations, the supplier is mostly Sonnentor, the Waldviertel company of Austrian organic herbs and organic spice expert Johannes Gutmann
  • Citrus fruits from Italy
  • Olive oil from Greece and Italy: in all dishes
  • Tomato pulp and tomato paste from Italy: For the Pizze Rossi and Pasta Station for the lentil lasagne and in the vegan beetle bean spread.
  • Veneziano: Aperitivo Naturale, a popular organic aperitif from South Tyrol, a product from the Walcher distillery, in Appiano, near Bolzano
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