FLEXITARIAN - Pleasure without dogmas

Flexitarians mainly subsist of vegetarian food, but they also appreciate fish and meat in best possible organic quality. In addition to a deliberately reduced amount of meat, the quality, freshness and the origin of the food ingredients as well as overall responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle are essential aspects. Flexitarians prefer organic food, seasonal and local products, organic meat from controlled animal husbandry, fish from acceptable wild-caught or organic aquaculture. 


YES, you are flexitarian 

To put it straight, that is exactly your lifestyle and your diet. There is a flexitarian in you - even if this term is new to you, but contentual applicable. Enjoying a good meal is the pinnacle for you. You prefer eating grains, vegetables and fruits. If you eat meat, then its just high-quality meat, you are into organic food, even if it costs a little more, but it tastes more delicious and you feel better, more fit and more balanced. 

As a flexitarian, you've found the right spot with LUMBERJACK. All our stations have sustainable, wholesome and powerful vegetarian cuisine in high organic quality. In our Meat Boutique, only organic meat from organic farms in the region with farm slaughtering is processed (without live animal transport).



We offer a large selection of sustainable meals that provide an unforgettable taste sensation. The base of our freshly prepared dishes are plant-based organic foods (vegetables, grains, legumes, …) as regionally and seasonal as possible. We obtain milk, eggs, tea and kitchen herbs and meat exclusively from organic farmers in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Come to meet us at the LUMBERJACK and experience alpine indugence in best knowledge and clear conscience about our kitchen. 


Bio-Fleisch für Flexitarier

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