Standard to X-LArge 

different Portion sizes for  Families and Friends

You can get all meals and drinks in the sizes Standard, Medium and Large. Beer even in XLarge (2-Liters bottle).

  • Standard is one portion, one dish, one drink for one person.  
  • Medium is twice the size and is priced with a factor of 1.8.
  • Large is the family portion in four times the size and discounted for the family and priced with a factor of 3.5.

Eating together is not only more fun, it also helps to save money and is easy on the family budget.

Burger Portionsgrößen S M L

Gulasch Portionsgrößen S M L

Teigtaschen Portionsgrößen S M L

Größe der Krüge S M L

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