Food Hall

Welcome to the LUMBERJACK! 

Your skis & boards are put down at one of the racks - in summer you can leave your bikes there. You enter the Food Hall via the main entrance on the east side through the air trap and you are looking for a vacant table. You have different options to be seated:

  • On the main floor - the FLEXI AREA - at one of the numerous large mobile tables to the left of one of the four wood-burning stoves. Those tables can be moved outside on tracks in good weather
  • On the green, relaxed ATRIUM - on the seating levels or on the on the couch at the platform
  • On a cosy sofa in the south-west facing LOUNGE
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If you made a reservation for a group (six persons up), you will be met at the entrance and accompanied to your table up at the GALLERY, located on the first floor right beneath the gables.

Fresh drinking water from our in-house LUMBERJACK-spring will be provided at your table. Needless to say it is included with all meals in unlimited amounts. Now it's time to get an overview of our food and drink range. Our Food Hall concept allows you to choose freely according to your personal likings and to degust the food from station to station. 

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