Meat only from the valley

The meat for the dishes in the Meat Boutique is exclusively from Kleinarl and Wagrain. The organic farmers of the cooperative from Bio aus dem Tal supply the meat for this station. There is always beef. Dairy pigs are slaughtered regularly. In summer, chickens and turkeys are fattened directly at Lumberjack. All animals are used "nose to tail." A sustainable utilization of all parts of each farm animal, as it was common for every butcher and every farm.



True to the motto of "flexitarians": if meat, then really good one, whose origin is known. In the showcase, at the front of the station, the ingredients, the meat cuts and the organic sausages are presented. In the Dry Ager the noble parts mature until they are worth to land on the lava grill and to be served rare, medium or well-done.

Meat Boutique Station

Bio-Fleisch Meat Boutique


In addition to classic meat dishes, burgers are of course also part of the Meat Boutique. Of course, only the best local organic meat is used.
The patties for the veggie burgers are homemade and come from the veggie station next to the meat boutique - from Evelyn's Power Patties.

The fluffy burger buns are baked by Florian Steinbauer from Wagrain. In addition to the homemade patties, the buns are also filled with fresh vegetables and fried onions. For those who like cheeseburgers, the burger is refined with a slice of organic cheese from Kleinarl. Tasty burger sauces round off the whole thing perfectly. 

Fleisch zubereiten am Lumberjack

Burger von Max

Burger von Max Meat Boutique



  • Bound chicken soup with vegetables and buckwheat - cooked as a garnish and popped as a topping.
  • Hearty beef soup with various toppings (liver dumplings, pancakes, beetle bean dumplings, cheese dumplings, buckwheat, vegetables, ...). 
  • Dumpling potpourri in hearty beef soup with tasty dumplings.


Served like all dishes at the lumberjack 

  • in S for standard 2 dumplings, with 0,4lt soup, in soup bowl - as meal for one person or as appetizer for two
  • in M with 4 dumplings in a small soup pot as a meal for 2 persons
  • in L with 12 dumplings in a big soup pot for a whole family of 4 persons

Vegetable soups - bound and clear soups with inserts are available at the Veggie Station at Soups & Salads

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