Pasta! basta!

and Soups & salads

Our two vegetarian facilities developed and supervised by cooks who themselves are convinced of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. “Powerful vegetarian food” is the motto there. Grains and legumes are the main sources of protein and carbohydrates for a well-balanced vegetarian diet. Without a doubt, the most popular form of these nutrients is pasta in all shapes and sizes. But also patties – made from millet or spelt, for example – and falafels are popular meatless alternatives, even for non-vegetarians. 

Delicious and powerful wholefood meals

The colour green, which is also clearly recognizable at our food courts, underlines the plant-based, sustainable style of cuisine.  

  • Vegan & vegetarian dishes of the highest quality as an alternative to a meat-based nutrition
  • High-value regional products turned into dishes boosting your wellbeing 
  • Every dish a delicacy for both, the palate as well as the eyes; works of art that are prepared with love
  • Ingredients produced responsibly and sustainably
  • Focus on Austrian organic quality, freshness, and balance
  • Seasonal variety
  • May through October – Fresh produce from our Lumberjack gardens
  • A healthy and wholesome energy boost for a fulfilling day on the mountain 

Available at Pasta! Basta!

In close cooperation with the Meat Boutique, spaghetti Bolognese made from organic beef here in Kleinarl and dumplings filled with organic bacon from “Bio aus dem Tal” is always available. Further vegetarian and vegan meals: A treat for our little ones – the Drallis – organic egg noodles from “Wagrainer Hühnerdorf” with tomato sauce that, as far as possible, is made from tomatoes from our Lumberjack Garden. The lentil lasagne as popular winter dish. Our dumplings that vary locally and seasonally, from classic Carinthian “Kasnudeln” with spinach to chanterelle fillings. Certainly, we also offer vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options. 

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