The three organic farmers from BIO AUS DEM TAL Wagrain-Kleinarl supply the Schreckbauer with animals for fattening or carcasses and cheese.

At the Schreckhof, these are processed to cook for the Meat Boutique at the LUMBERJACK. Sausage products, such as the delicious Käsekrainer, are also produced.

The Mayer family lives on the 300-year-old Schreckbauer organic farm and put their heart and soul into running the business, which has been certified organic since 1993. The animals are fed exclusively with organic feed and hay.

The overriding principle is that all animals enjoy a happy life in the wild and find a stress-free end directly on the farm. The cattle and sheep have plenty of space to graze on the 23-hectare farm and can spend the summer on the alpine pasture. The pigs also have plenty of space in the free-range enclosure and can bathe and dig extensively in the mud.

More Information - www.schreckbauer.at

Biofleisch vom Schreckbauer aus Bischofshofen

Rinder vom Biohof Schreckbauer aus Bischofshofen

Bioschweine vom Schreckbauer aus Bischofshofen

Sausage products from the Schreckbauern at LUMBERJACK

  • Cold Cuts: Snack Sausage and Cheese Sausage
  • Cheese krainer for grilling
  • House sausages and salami
  • Ham: dried beef ham, fricandeau ham, country ham, Farmer's salami
  • Bacon from the loin, belly or shank

Wurst von den Biobauern in Wagrain-Kleinarl



The broiler chickens and turkeys raised at LUMBERJACK do not meet the high demand during winter. Therefore, chicken meat from free-range chickens is purchased from Biohof Rieger.
These free-range chickens grow slower than their highly bred counterparts, with a fattening period of 56 days. The result is meat with more flavor, texture, and exceptional aroma.

Organic husbandry and feeding are checked by independent inspection companies and confirmed by an organic certificate. In addition, the farm voluntarily complies with the stricter guidelines of BIO AUSTRIA.

The chickens arrive at the farm as day-old chicks and spend the first four weeks in a warm pre-fattening barn with soft bedding.

Bio-Masthühner im Freien

bitte übersetzen: Sobald ihr Federkleid vollständig ist, ziehen sie in den Hauptmaststall um. Dort haben die Küken tagsüber Zugang zu einem überdachten Außenscharrraum oder dem artgerecht gestalteten Auslauf am Feld. Hier haben sie viel Platz, um ihren natürlichen Bedürfnissen nachzugehen, was sie gesund hält. Der Einsatz von Futterzusätzen oder Medikamenten überflüssig macht. Die Tiere werden direkt am Betrieb in einem zertifizierten Schlachtraum unter Einhaltung sämtlicher Vorschriften geschlachtet. Dies geschieht ohne Stress. Ein würdevoller Umgang mit den Tieren hat am Biohof Rieger oberste Priorität. Mehr Infos: www.biohof-rieger.at

Once their plumage is fully developed, they are moved to the main fattening barn. During the day, the chicks have access to a covered outdoor scratching area or a field with species-appropriate conditions. Here, they have plenty of space to engage in their natural behaviors, which keeps them healthy and makes the use of feed additives or medications unnecessary. The animals are slaughtered directly on the farm in a certified slaughter room, adhering to all regulations. This is done without stress. Ensuring dignified treatment of the animals is a top priority at Biohof Rieger.

For more information: www.biohof-rieger.at


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