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Close to nature at every table

ChillOUT seats with an outdoor feeling

At LUMBERJACK an airy, light-flooded architecture with lots of wood and glass awaits you. It combines the charm and comfort of a snug hut with the open, well-spaced design of a modern loft and is laid out on threes spacious levels. 

Lumberjack im Winter

Saddle roof and panoramic gLazing

While planning the LUMBERJACK, we deliberately combined traditional elements of alpine architecture with the latest technology. The protruding saddle roof of a classic hut defies the winter's snow masses since generations and offers a pleasant shade around the building at the same time.

Its optics fit perfectly into the landscape, radiate a cozy atmosphere and make additional shading obsolete. 

Unlike tiny windows from times when glass was still rare and its heat-insulating properties limited, insulating three-layer glazing allow us to implement large-area glass fronts. They bring loads of light inside and provide a great view on the beautiful mountain panorama of the Kleinarl valley. 

Alpin meets urban

At LUMBERJACK the traditional matter wood and highest carpentry skills meet the stability and the modern look of constructive concrete and black steel. 

We deliberately go without the popular 'old wood style' - not to say we reject it.

A food hall is a food hall

It’s not a parlor, it is not a hut. Although the LUMBERJACK is of course a ski hut in a full sense. Colloquially, every gastronomic business in a ski area is called a ski hut. Therefore, the LUMBERJACK is a ski hut, but a very alternative - architecturally and in terms of its operating concept.

Lumber Hall

Three light-flooded levels & five areas

The lowest area 'LUMBER HALL' is designed for KIDS & TEENS in groups with their ski instructors. This level has its own entrance, a large west-facing terrace and - like every area - a large wood-burning stove, a children’s cinema with a seating atrium and, a play area and sanitary facilities. 

The second area, at the ground level from the piste, immediately on the left at the entrance is the FLEXI AREA. The tables with large oak tabletops and black steel substructure are mobile and can be moved along rails from indoor to outdoor and back depending on the weather.  

To the southwest, you can find the LOUNGE with its chilling sofas - with the sitting height of kitchen sofas. Large terrace areas can be found on the south and west side of the lounge. The entire south-facing glass front can be opened in warm weather. On the west side, a long XXL garden bench invites you to enjoy the winter sun. 

Of course, the Flexi Area and the Lounge also feature a wood-burning stove with double-sided glass framing and an wraparound stove bench. 

The staircase to the upper floor leads past the green ATRIUM - with a 5-level seating atrium and a podium with an XL wraparound sofa corner. Beneath the atrium lies a play area for kids with LUMBERJACK building blocks.

The GALLERY on the upper floor and directly beneath the gables is the area where guests with group reservations enjoy their time. A large wood-burning stove is on the east side. Both sides, east and west, have outward-facing terraces. The highlight is a swing bridge in front of the south-facing panoramic window. 

Lumber Hall

Flexi Area



galerie lumberjack

Pictures will follow step by step 

Week after week according to the expansion progress. As you know, pictures say more than a thousand words. 

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