payment at the LUMBERJACK


You can pay at any of the eight stations at the LUMBERJACK with any common, cashless payment method such as credit or debit cards, as well with your smartphone.  


only contactless payment

A CONTeMPORARY commandment of hygiene, Speed and time

We had already planned this payment and checkout concept in the pre-corona times. We are now doubly convinced that we are on the right path. Our concern about paying cash is, that all LUMBERJACK stations are dedicated to food and beverages. There is alot of cooking and serving going on and you don't want the same hands touching cash and change in between. We don’t think that’s hygienic, so we had some issues with cash even before corona times.

If you only have cash with you, you are welcome to exchange your cash for a LUMBERJACK payment card at the red-green market stall. We will exchange the remaining amount back into cash or you can consume the rest during your next visit. 


Transparency instead of controlling

Last but not least, cashless payment makes internal controlling easier and offers maximum transparency for us. Transparency and honesty are high values for us in the LUMBERJACK cooperative. 

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