Bio aus dem Tal - MarkEt BOOTH & Shop

At the station with the bright green-red umbrella, run by Bio aus dem Tal - Wagrain-Kleinarl, you'll find regional organic snacks to be consumed on the spot and a shop with many regional organic products, delicacies from regional wild harvesting (berries, mushrooms, etc.) and articles for LUMBERJACK fans. Is there anything more practical than shopping for holiday souvenirs and souvenirs combined with a stop at a hut? Those who don’t have a backpack, there are corresponding linen bags.


fine snack on the LUNCH board 

A selection of sausage and cheese specialities is offered for snacks by Sieglinde (for flexitarians or vegetarians with cheese and homemade spreads). Both on the appropriately sized snack board.

The suppliers and producers of these regional organic sausage and cheese specialities are the cooperatives of organic farmers from Wagrain and Kleinarl. Their brand and homepage is www.bioausdemtal.at



The aspiration is organic, regional and handcrafted. The motto is: "The best from the valley for the Vally - for locals and guests."

Bio aus dem Tal Marktstand

Bio aus dem Tal Marktstand

Bio aus dem Tal Marktstand mit Sieglinde

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