Günther Felber is the host and chef of the "Schmarrn Anders" (meaning 'Schmarrn unlike') food trailer. Its easy to understand why we have admitted him to our circle of chefs and hosts at LUMBERJACK when you listen to him talking about his 'Schmarrn': How he bends the dough portion by portion any why this is only possible in a 'to the minute' way pan after pan and forwhy this is an ideal, regional street food perfect for frontcooking. He is the king of 'Schmarrn'. To him, 'Schmarrn' is synonymous how cuisine should be: technically perfect, fresh, regional, a traditional dish interpreted in a contemporary way.



Günter is accompanied by the local cuisine and the purchase of  high-quality ingredients from local farmers since his childhood. Born in Salzburg, he grew up at Gasthaus Hatzwirt, his parent's restaurant at Dorfbeuern located in Salzburger Flachgau. Being a contended restaurant kid, he was enthusiastic about good eating from an early age. His passion for cooking has been unbated ever since. After completing the respective schooling, Günther gathered experience in the parental business, in renowned restaurants in Austria and signed up as a chef on Queen Elizabeth amongst other things.


Günther Felber

Kaiserschmarrn mit Schwarzbeeren

A Restaurant's Scent high up ON THE MOUNTAIN

Becoming an inn keeper at Vogei Hütt'n at St. Johann im Pongau, Günter fulfilled his dream an ventured successfully into independence. His experience in  mountain gastronomy as well as his little family grew within those 7 wonderful years. His hut was a popular stop amongst many, particularly young locals. His cuisine renowned for his Kaiserschmarrn: No visit at Vogei Hütt'n without Günthers fresh Schmarrn. 

To be able to spend more time with the kids, his wife and him decided to take a beneficient time out. Over and over the idea of having an own food truck hit him during that time. He tinkered, planed and drew on the project until it was ready to go: He bought an old horse-trailer, imported it from England in fall 2020 and remodeled it into a mobile Schmarrn-kitchen.

As chance would have it, the launch of Günther's food trailer matched the timing of the opening of Bio-Bergrestaurant Lumberjack at Shuttleberg in Kleinarl perfectly. Günther got talking to Maria and it quickly became obvios: The chemistry between the partners is right, the cuisine's philosophy and the approach towards purchase of goods match and values are shared. Now Günther's darkgreen colored trailer is located at the Street Food Area at LUMBERJACK – in between the green-red 'Bio aus dem Tal' market stall and the Dopo Pizza food truck.


I, Günther am looking forward to this next step on my culinary path an will pepare sweet delicacies for you at the LUMBERJACK from the legendary austrian cuisine of cooked desserts in all conscience. The philosophy of healthy, valuable, organic and regional food meets exactly my personal taste. With the „Schmarr*n anders“ i may contribute my share at the Bio- Bergrestaurant Lumberjack and make the ample offerings of my co-workers complete with some sweets. 


WHAT TO EXPECT AT „Schmarr*n Anders“ AT Lumberjack: 

  • Roast apple Schmarr‘n with or without raisins
  • chocolate-nut Schmarr‘n         
  • Lumberjack Schmarr‘n with blueberries

Topping on request: 

  • cranberry jam
  • apple sauce


  • egg liquor

Horse Trailer Günther Felber

Horse Trailer Schmarren anders

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