Energy Soups & Salads

Power soup pots and large salad plates

At LUMBERJACK, we serve soups and salads as full, large dishes. We recommend that guests who want to degust should share their dishes. The plates and bowls are set for this. Shared meals are one top priority at LUMBERJACK and supported in every way. 

LUMBERJACK DUMPLINGS Potpourri is the recommendation of the house

Any Tyrolean and Salzburger child of the 60s and 70s knows the saying of their mother and grandmother: If you want to become tall and strong, you have to eat dumplings. It used to be a popular game back then to count the number of dumplings you could eat. 

4 kind of dumplings like: green liver dumplings, sausage dumplings, cooked cheese dumplings (vegetarian), semolina and forest herb dumplings (vegan), baked bean dumplings according to Evelyn’s recipe (vegan) 

Put into a strong beef broth or in a fully aromatic vegetable broth with vegan or vegan and vegetarian dumplings. 

Size S has 4 dumplings in a soup bowl.
Size M has 8 dumplings in a soup pot.
Size L has 16 dumplings in a large soup pot.

We offer three other energy soups in the same dishes and size:

Soups and Salads

Team Energy Soups Salads

Potato soup with sautéed chanterelle

The base is the red-skinned potato breed Laune from Salzburg’s Lungau. The chanterelles come from wild harvesting in the region.

Tied chicken soup pot

with vegetables and buckwheat - cooked as a filler and popped as a topping. From the tradition of Maria’s family, her grandmother’s medicine interpreted and adapted in a contemporary way.

Clear vegetable soup 

A warming, invigorating minestrone with winter vegetables, inspired by Asian cuisine. 

für Salate


CRISPY, finely marinated winter salads

The six-rowed barley as the central powerfood, lukewarm and slightly marinated. Six winter salads arranged around it. The choices are alternating and depending on availability, e.g.:

  • Styrian beetle beans with onions, seed oil and pumpkin seeds
  • Celery, carrot and apple salad with lemon, walnuts, vegan mayonnaise and oat cuisine
  • Lukewarm, marinated beetroot pieces with fresh horseradish
  • Mountains lentils with onions, peppers and parsley
  • Endive: Potato and apple dressing with crunchy sesame
  • Sugar loaf salad with Fichtenwipfelhonig-Hoey mustard-dressing with roasted sunflower seeds
  • White cabbage dressed with hot marinade, with ground caraway seeds 
  • Potato salad: onion, mustard, vegan mayonnaise, pickle juice, parsley 
  • Raw carrots with lemon and roasted sunflower seeds or lukewarm carrot salad with onions  
  • Chinese cabbage with carrots and roasted hazelnuts 
  • Green beans with onions 

Toppings: Coronations for Salad-Lovers, separately arranged. Oil cheese from Bio aus dem Tal, beef strips and fish from Max Meat Boutique. 


Salate am Lumberjack

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