Cafe Latini

The large hexagonal station in the centre of the Food Hall

With  its XXL black steel chandelier, it can’t be missed. At Café Latini you get the full range of a classic coffee house - coffee, tea, cocoa, cake, ice cream and sausages. And of course we offer steaming mulled wine and warming non-alcoholic punch. The second part of this station is the wine bar. 

Finding a name for the coffee station was not as easy and natural as it seems now. Brigitte Latini, matron and hostess at the Café Latini had some reservations about naming the Café after her purely out of modesty. But if you are heart and soul of the station and you have such a great fitting name, there's no need to hide it. 

After graduating from high school and business administration, Brigitte ran a hotel in Zell am See with her husband Alois for over 30 years. Later, she owned a Café in the old town of Salzburg and now a small bar „Nachbar“ on the other side of of the old town of Salzburg, in the Linzergasse. 

Brigitte found her vocation in the gastrosophy late, but well. Together with her fellow student Maria, she completed the university with a master degree in 2016. Brigitte has lived the idea of sustainability, organic, flexitarians for many years and brings her lifestyle, Know-How and convictions to the joint project with Maria at the LUMBERJACK.

Maria und Brigitte

Café Geschirr Produkte

Brigitte’s own standards, just to serve top-quality culinary and sustainable products in her Café at the LUMBERJACK was a great challenge. On the technical side regarding the equipment to be purchased, the organic quality and the regionality of the used ingredients. On the daily business side, to prepare perfect organic cocoa, a café latte or a creamy soft ice cream with non-homogenized farm milk in large quantities that fits the footfall of a large mountain hut like the LUMBERJACK.  

In organic quality, everything is less sweetened or not extra sweetened at all. In the Café Latini, this applies to hot drinks, cocoa, mulled wine and mulled punch. 

All teas are offered open in a tea strainer in a large 0,4 l mug. If you like you can sweeten your drinks and the coffee with organic sugar. Also, the soft ice cream and the cakes are less sweet than usual. 

Cafe Latini Station mit Brigitte


Organic coffee „Da Salzburger“ from the coffee raoster Rafeal Schärf

  • Small Espresso: black
  • Big Espresso: black
  • Kleiner Brauner: Espresso with fresh milk or oat milk
  • Großer Brauner: Big espresso with fresh mil or oat milk
  • Verlängerter with fresh milk or oat milk 
  • Americano
  • Melange: Coffee with fresh milk foam
  • Cappuccino
  • Caffé Latte: Espresso with hot fresh milk and milk foam
  • Milchkaffee im Häferl


Coffe speciality

  • Caffé Lumberjack with a shot (10 ml) of nut liqueur or eggnog
  • Affogato al Caffé
  • Iced Coffee



with farm milk from Bio aus dem Tal

  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • Hot chocolate with/without whipped cream and rum
  • Iced chocolate

Bio Kakao


Organic-teas from the valley by Waltraud Kaml

  • Mint mixture
  • Herbal tea blend
  • Tea Lumberjack - a mix of wild- and forest herbs

Organic-teas from Schärf

  • Earl Grey: black tea
  • Fruit tea
  • Green tea

Organic ingredients for tea
Cream and fresh milk, Juice of half of an organic lemon, Rum, Schnapps


More organic hot drinks

  • Hot lemon with the juice of half of an organic lemon
  • Non-alcoholic fruit punch
  • Grog – black tea with Rum
  • Mulled wine - from the organic winemaker Müllner
  • Hot ski water in organic quality from Schäfer

Organic-Soft ice cream

  • Vanilla with organic farm milk from Bio aus dem Tal
  • Chocolate, vegan
  • Frozen Jogurt 

Organic Toppings

  • Whipped cream 
  • Roasted nuts (walnut, hazelnut)
  • Blueberry sauce - with wild blueberries from Kleinarl
  • Fichtenwipfelhonig – by Christine Höller aus Kleinarl 

Organic sheet cake from the organic baker Florian Steinbauer from Wagrain

  • Apple cake
  • Curd cake
  • Blueberry cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate-Cherry cake
  • Nut cake
  • Linzerschnitte

And ice cream and cake combination in S, M and Large.


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