in times of Corona

Before going online with the homepage, we had inquiries about how we handle the situation with Corona at the LUMBERJACK. 

As of November the 2nd, our protocol is as follows. We are not planning anything that you don’t know already - but we are implementing this consistently and ensure compliance: 

  • By entering LUMBERJACK, please wear mouth-nose protection until taking a seat at your table and whenever you are leaving it. 
  • You are allowed to share one table with up to 6 adults and up to 6 children if you are one a group or family. 
  • Your table has a number and a QR-code. Please be so kind and register yourself on your own. You can do this by filling out a physical form that we are handing out or by using the app. We use the version that is used across the region. 
  • Your table is clean and was disinfected before you arrived. Our service provides for your group's amount of people: You will find glasses and drinking water, cutlery and serviettes, small plates and bowls, salt and pepper. 
  • You can now explore the Food Hall while wearing mouth-nose protection.

Please, don’t forget to 

  • Use hand disinfection as much as possible. It's provided at every entrance and the exit of every toilet facility.
  • Please keep distance, even while wearing mouth-nose protection.


Screenings and air CHANGE

  • Our employees are also wearing mouth-nose protection and disinfect their hand regularly and without any exceptions. 
  • We are all taking part in regular corona screenings and fever measurements.
  • LUMBERJACK is a food hall - a really large and expansive hall with a lot of air space. LUMBERJACK is equipped with a modern and sufficiently dimensioned ventilation concept. As a result, air change and ventilation is provided in a best possible way.  

If necessary, we will regularly adjust and implement these measures based on the latest findings and specifications. We'll have an employee in charge of corona-related questions by opening day.


Is skiing safe? Yes, we are convinced!

Especially on the Shuttleberg with its seven chairlifts and the safety concept of the cable cars.

You can find more information on the comprehensive Corona safety measures on the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl and ski Amadé website:

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