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Salzburger Superfood Lungauer Eachtling

In Austria, we use the term “Erdäpfel” referring to the potato. In Lungau dialect, the potato is called Eachtling. The Lungau, the Tamsweg district in the south of the Salzburg region, is a sunny, dry high plateau. The cultivation areas are at 1,000 m above sea level. The climate and the soil in Lungau are ideal for growing potatoes.


The Lungauer Eachtling drains, purifies and builds up. The tuber contains highly effective nutrients and plenty of minerals. Potatoes neutralize excess acidity in the body. Eachtling should definitely be cooked with the peel. Peeled Eachtling lose too many active ingredients while boiling, especially valuable protein. The potato has wrongly fallen into disrepute as a fat maker. The wrong preparation "kills" all good potatoes. Industrial fries have nothing in common with organic potatoes gently cooked in the skin.

THE Lumberjack organic POTATO suppliers

The Lungau Eachtling farmers are organized in a seed cultivation association. This association has 28 active members. 20 of them are certified organic farms. The cultivation area is 40 hectares. The potato varieties Agata, Agria, Asterix, Claret, Desiree, Ditta, Evita, Husar, Jaerla, Laura, Nicola, Ostara and Rosita are cultivated. The LUMBERJACK is supplied with the red-skinned variety Laura and the waxy yellow Ditta. From a botanical point of view, floury-boiling, mainly waxy and waxy potatoes conceal a different starch content.

Lungauer Bio-Kartoffeln

The Lungauer Eachtling – A Salzburger SPECIALITY

The Eachtling is a regional, sustainable food that can be stored very well and can be used in many ways in the kitchen. At five of the nine stations at the LUMBERJACK, dishes made with the Lungau organic Eachtlingen are offered: Clockwise starting with Max as a side dish to his meat dishes, Evelyn in some of her power patties and jacket potatoes as a side dish and to make sauerkraut wonderfully creamy. At the soup and salad station, the Laura tube is the basis for the potato soup and the potato salad prepared with the Ditta tube. Wedges are the side dish of choice for burgers at Bernhard's My Taco. And even our pizza chefs Martin & Oli top a pizza with wafer-thin potato slices with rosemary in Italian style.

Kartoffelbauern aus dem Lungau

Kartoffelernte im Lungau

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